[Review] Tony Moly Crstal Blusher 09


If you watching get it beauty you must be know about this blush. For you who dont know about get it beauty is beauty program talk about beauty , makeup , hair style and etc. And in one of their ep they talking about good blush on and this product from tony moly is one of the good blush on.

Because of their review , i think to try their blusher…. Their packing quiet nice , is simple , not cute as etude but somehow i feel is elegant so yeah i like it. Got my self in number 09




Not sure why i got in this color , because as you can see is light pink almost white. And when i try on check , is like nothing. I feel crazy about that , but in the end i just using as highlight , and quiet a bit nice because is not give white feeling but pink feeling either as high light

Is long lasting and super easy to blend so i like their texture too


Became one of the best blusher in korea , for tony moly is not too much. This blusher is really nice come very well , easy to blend and than long lasting. So yeah… This product became good for something. When i bout this is cost 129K like you can see but because they have promo its cost only 65K. Is quiet deal so i bought two of their blusher , but the other blusher i will post maybe later since i just only try this on

Good thing

  • Packaging is nice very elegant
  • Easy to blend
  • Long lasting
  • Color come out very well
  • Come with different color , even they have shading
  • Adorable price

Bad thing

  • This color is not good for my skin tone as blusher but good enough as high light


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