[Review] Tony Moly Crystal Blusher 07

Remember my last Tony Moly crystal blusher 09 before? Yeah this time i will talk about number 07. Actually i get them at same day but somehow is more nice to post separate . Somehow i feel is more comfortable

Different with my last blusher , this on is more like shading than blush on. Why i said like that because i come with brown color. Actually they have 2 different brown when i come at store before , light one and darker one. But i choice the dark one , but is more lighter than i expect




I been using for couple time , for shading my face and my small nose . and its come really nice. Because the color is light brown so when i shading my perfect small nose its come very natural bigger , than usually i using other shading is look super fake , but with this one no at all

But of course because is light , somehow when i shading my face i need more layer to make invisible for face. But for nose is really good job.

Last time is said good thing about this product , even Get It beauty said like that too. Same for this time this one is really nice. But you now , after i being together with this product for couple month , i realize this product is not travel friendly. Why? because come without brush made me must bring my brush. And somehow i forget and its became problem so yeah… You need brush when bring this and seriously is very trouble so… anything else is still good beside that


Good thing

  • Packaging is nice very elegant
  • Easy to blend
  • Long lasting
  • Color come out very well
  • Come with different color , even they have shading
  • Adorable price

Bad thing

  • Not travel friendly , you need bring your brush everywhere

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