[Review] Kiehl’s Dermatologist Soloutions


Finally i get change to review this product. Is really hard to me to review this product , somehow is became like that. Not because this product is bad , but is because too good and i somehow confuse how to start….


Like you know im big fans of korea brand , but one of my friend introduce me to kiehl’s , actually to their hair product which i love till now…. And  yeah somehow i end come with this product , why? Because they worker suggest me to get this one because this product is popular product among all kiehl’s prouct. Because i turst kiehls so i give a shot

And result is super super amazing….

Is help to reducing concentrate and i feel my skin is super soft  and the best think iscleared up most of the congestion area on my face , in short word it made my skin more bright because is have vitamin c.

I scare with product which have brightening , but with vitamin c im not scare at all because vitamin c is natural and have  a lot of benefit such as lightening age spots , and acne scars from blemishes. Overall you can just feel healthy. And more important it for all skin type



For packing it self is super elegant and somehow a bit oldish , but since kiehls is really old brand so is really good for decribe. Even honestly is a bit boring for me…

Even is really good product , but good product is never come with cheap price is always have high price in the end. Yeah… i must said this product is high end product , with such as good benefit like i said before price is eum… come very high. I dont remember how much is it but is around 400K in rupiah…. so yeah is expensive


Good thing

  • Work very well
  • Good for all skin type
  • Has vitamin c which very good to your skin

Bad thing

  • Packaging kinda old style , boring
  • Expensive

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