Legend Satay


Sate Maulana Yusuf , i bet everyone already know about this place. Is super super famous , is legend because they have awesome nice satay. But what i know is some of them now said this place is not good as before , but some of them still like this place. But anyway its up to you….

This time i will talking about different thing is what you can order beside they super famous satay. In case you sick of they satay , but they have a lot of nice food here



As you can see , when you come you will found Tahu Baso , which stay beside Sate Maulana Yusuf , this tahu baso specialy siomay is really good , i dont know is the best of the best from Bandung. And more best its cheap. Is around 3K rupiah per piece.

These day is really hard to find delicious siomay only 3k per piece , almost around 5k or 6k per piece. All my family member said this siomay is good. They have tofu and egg beside siomay but for me siomay is the best!


Next is their tahu pletok , is second tahu pletok that i like. First is my tahu pletok around my home , but now they already close , but seriously their tahu pletok is the best , i never meet such a nice and tasteful tahu pletok like they have before. But now is useless i said because they already close , i bet they move to different place but i dont know where they move.


Last nt least yeah… They satay. My favorite satay is their lamb , dont try they cow satay. I order when before but taste is not good for me , kinda weird. So forget about cow i suggest to order lamb if you like but if you dont like you can order chicken because is kinda nice.

They even have skin chicken satay , and many more. I can said this place have all kinda satay. And dont forget to order they lontong. Is just perfect couple



When you visit Bandung you should visit here if you satay fans because they satay is really good , and for you who kinda sick with they satay maybe you should try their tahu pletok and tahu baso , because is really good. I high suggest you bought them when you feel sick about they satay.

For price…. Im super sorry im not remember at all how much it is , but what can i said is around 20K in rupiah for tahu pletok and for satay is around 4K til 5k per stick. Im not sure but seriously is not expensive , they have same price with famous satay in Bandung so dont worry

Sate Maulana Yusuf

Indonesian Restaurant and BBQ Joint
Jl. Maulana Yusuf No. 43 (Jl. Dipenogoro), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Instagram : Fukidz | Twitter : Fukidz | Youtube : Wejesskidz / Fukidzworld
Business Inquiries : Myairos[at]ymail[dot]com
This post 100% made with smile


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