Shy Black

Photo 21-03-15 22.39.44_副本

Photo 21-03-15 22.39.35_副本

Photo 21-03-15 22.35.14_副本

Photo 21-03-15 22.35.16_副本

Im kinda shy that day , why because they are people stare at us like eum… Not welcome. So i bit shy because its my first time i shot my kinda ‘style’ in public space. Im not kidding is really mental break down for me…

But here the story

So actuall that day i already decide lets take a picture with jess , but i late wake up , and when i wake up its super rainy , so i dont have any choice i cant take picture that day , so we decide just hang out that day… And…… Somehow we end walking around at mall when some of store already close…

And Jess asking me why not taking a picture , since its already quiet not many people walking around. I dont want at first but anyway just try maybe i can give you some post if picture go well… So yeah picture goes super well even come from my lovely iphone , but i think in this level its okay…

Photo 21-03-15 22.35.22_副本

Super awkward smile because dont know what should i do

Photo 21-03-15 22.35.28_副本Candid behind screen T_T

Photo 21-03-15 22.35.27_副本

Hat : Berskha / Top : The Executive / Skirt : Forever 21 / Shoes : Local / Bag : Charles and Keith / Necklace : New Look / Earring : New Look

Photo 21-03-15 22.39.38_副本

Instagram : Fukidz | Twitter : Fukidz | Youtube : Wejesskidz / Fukidzworld
Business Inquiries : Myairos[at]ymail[dot]com
This post 100% made with smile


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