[Review] Innisfree Jejubija Anti Trouble Spot Essence

People around me always asking why i never have pimple at all in fact that i wearing make up almost everyday….. Of course one most big reason why its because i take care my skin well done. Remove your makeup its most important part for protect your skin from pimple…

But you know in this word we know something called LAZY TO MAX. I do , sometimes if i come back home late , in fact i wearing full make up , i just direct sleeping , i more like sleeping than my skin in fact. But yeah some people lke that , some people dont. I category will chose sleep first than remove my makeup

And what i got if i dont take care again , i get pimple…. Okay pimple is arghhhhh….!!!!!! Even i cant explain… So when i have pimple i will panic , and try all i cant to remove that shit pimple , and from all skin care for pimple , this one is the best


Innisfree jejubija anti trouble spot essence



If you found why they have chinese writing , yeah i got when i from Shanghai and i love this produt so much. Its made my pimple gone more fast than other product , i already try like etude house , body shop , etc etc… This one is the best

Even all is remove pimple either but this one is the best because its face and texture is really like eum,,, In level good for remove pimple , if you understand my mean. Anyway yeah its fast. Even only apply this my pimple gone… but i suggest if you really have big trouble with pimple , this one is not enought you should bought all product from this line to remove all your pimple. But for like beginner pimple like me (which have 2 or 3 pimple) only with this product is enough



What i need to do usually i just apply at the pimple area , because this product leave mark in your skin , and is not easy to remove what i do is apply before i sleep , so in next morning it will be gone and yeah just leave a bit mark in some area but its more easy to remove

Only one i dont like about this product , no i mean two. Is hard to find in Indonesia you should buy online second somehow i dont like the smell , is weird… Is not kinda nice smell anyway is just weird.

Good thing

  • Remove your pimple more faster than other brand
  • Packaging very helpful for apply

Bad thing

  • Smell weird
  • Leave mark , and its not easy to remove
  • If you stay in Indonesia like me you will have hard time to find


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