[Review] Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Miami Fever

Hello reader… I hope you guys have good week end…

This week actually i been plan to making video about eum review drama , and i hope i can do some beauty make up tutorial. But for sure review drama will coming next week , because i havent review any drama yet in case i have plenty good drama that i want you suggest to watching!

But forget a second about drama , now lets talking with my recently lip product that i been addict



IMG20150325012513_副本First time i see this product awww… whats that i want that , their packaging is really unique. Yeah i admit reason i bought this one because their packaging remind me about kinda high end product. Which i feel elegant but in same time is unique

Its new line from Revlon that i found at their store. When i ask to their sales , its said its not tint and its not lip gloss , so its between them. Its shining like lip gloss , but more thick than lip tint

At first i think its really interesting product , even for their formula itself its unique , is long last like lip gloss but not to glossy , but it remind me about lip tint , but its to thick to said its lip tint.

And their color is really pretty , i choice orange because dont know i feel for get some orange recently


Different than usually orange i have , this orange its more darker , more bloody. So its just perfect cause i kinda sick with light orange , i have plenty of natural orange kinda color , so this one is new… Even at lips , is bloody orange



Its dont too visible at camera , but they have a bit glossy feeling , its not mate finish. But not much. Its just in good range for lip product. I love their formula too , its kinda lip tint but not liquid as lip tint. I love , is suitable for my style i thing..

But one thing i dont like almost hate about this one , this one have some scent , but the scent its not the nice one its worst i have. Honestly its my taste. I dont like kinda smell like this product have , is give eur disgusting feeling somehow.

Good thing

  • Packaging is really elegant
  • Color come out pretty well
  • Long lasting
  • Moist

Bad thing

  • Smell is not my style , its weird



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