[Review] Perfect Brow Kit

Lately natural look like is became booming , is because Korea wave. All Korea artist always come with natural look. Even for all face eyes , eyebrow , and lips either.

One i want to talk its about eyebrow. For you who want have natural eyebrow like korea actress , maybe you can use this one. Is eyeshadow kinda for eyebrow


This time i got from Etude House such a famous brand in Korea it self. Its come with 3 step light one for high light of course , and the medium brown is for the first corner in your eyebrow and black one for last corner in your eyebrow.

I hope you understand what i explain , if now just comment bellow that maybe in future i can made video tutorial about this one.

At first anyway i dont really like it , seems is so natural and i have a lot of hair in my eyebrow , so i its look like im not wearing anything , but when come to you who have eyebrow with no hair , i bet this one will good on you. Because its come very well , yeah its only come such very well with no hair eyebrow



That the final result its look natural of course but it not visible because my hair eyebrow its much. So its not visible. Actually i really dont like this kinda eyebrow. I more prefer with pencil eyebrow , but its not because this product not good its good but its not my style i more like blood eyebrow


SAM_6210_副本Good thing

  • Its come with 3 different shades so you just bring these only
  • Travel friendly
  • Color come very well
  • For you who you want have natural eyebrow , this one is good

Bad thing

  • They dont have light shades for who you have light hair  color
  • Somehow its off for you who have a lot eyebrow hair

Anyway i have plan next week to record some video tutorial. Hope you maybe like it.


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