[Review] Make Over Reddish Junk

Honestly im not into to us artist such as…. But for Kylie jenner and Kim , i know them very well. I adore to Kim , honestly. She eum… i love her body actually is not big but either is not to small , is sexy. I adore her.

Okay come back to Kylie , last time she make us shock with her ‘new lips’. Some of talking she get botox , but she never admit she get botox , she said its because she using make up power. But forget about if its true or no. But for sure you can using make up power to make your lips more full , but i bet not too much

Since my lips it self is already full lips , which sometimes i feel not confident because its too big? So i never using this product. But i got suggest from my friend if i want my lips color more long lasting i should using this one , since i sometimes lazy to hell to retouch my lip after eat

Its lip liner , i got from make over and its holy grail bloody red



Make Over lip liner come with pencil shape and it super nice. They open their price is around 9K in rupiah is really good deal , more expect they give nice texture , nice color and of course nice finish. Its help look my lips more full and its really does help my lipstick color stay more long than usually


But honestly i dont using this product to often , like you can see my full lip more visible than not wearing. Many people want to have full lip , but im not. I dont know its became my complex lately. Nobody complain about my lips almost all said my lips is good sexy? But somehow i dont like. Its depend with taste maybe.

For you who want have more full lip style , you should try this product because its really help you got your sexy lips , and the color it is nice. I dont sure how much color they have because when i came to their store they only give 2 color style , one is red , one is nude.

They said they have another shade buts its already sold. I forget to ask how many shades actually they have but for sure they have 2 nude and red. I choice red because is bloody red and i love color which have bloody signature somehow


  • Their texture is really good , not made your lips cracky
  • Easy to use
  • For sure its help made your lips more full


  • Somehow its a bit trouble because its come with pencil and you need shape


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