[Review] Tony Moly Latte Art Milk Cocoa

As you know i have trouble with  my pore recently , and its no kidding worse. Beside make up to cover up i need skin care to maintain my skin. Not all product work on me , but this one at least work with me with only first try i can feel different

IMG20150413064803_副本First reason why i get this one because the packaging is overload cute , its milk cocoa im kinda junkie about cocoa , and last of course its for pack. But honestly i dont really care at first , i too love with their packaging so yeah why not give this product shoot if not working at least packaging its cute




It true like milk latte because their have black or brown side and white side. Its simple what you need to do first its mix them all with spatula they give , mix until their together very well and apply

But because i just feel wanna having fun this one first , i dont mix it. And seriously my face look ridiculous some its black to brown and the other part its white. My mom said my face look creepy but i do in wrong way so its creepy if not , you mix first its come out with grey color and its look like normal mask




Excuse my expression here i dont know why i can have this kind expression its weird. HAHA

Because its said cocoa pack its smell like cocoa its damn nice. If you know about baileys its kinda coffee mix with alcohol. Smell like that same at least for me. Its feel im using baileys on my face

After leave for 15 to 20 minute , its getting hard like kinda clay mask , and you can face off. Its need time to face off kinda pain but usually what i do i wash this mask while im take shower so its less pain? Yeah anyway you need patience while wash off because its not easy to leave

Beside how pain to wash off , the result its amazing i can feel my pore its getting better , not big as before . You can use this product only in area you have trouble with pore. But because i want look good in this post so i using all over my face. But you can using like that either.


  • Smell its damn good
  • Packaging overload cute
  • Give nice result


  • Its not easy to wash off


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This post 100% made with smile


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