[Review] Loreal Peachy Brown

Lately i been curious about Loreal Make Up line. So i been try a bit of loreal product , and this time i try their lip stick. And its super nice!!!! Im not kidding guys , this one is much much more than what i expect


Im shock with packaging its elegant , somehow its give expensive vibe , which im not sure i dont really like it , this style of packaging but after couple time see more , i slowly falling in love. Its simple elegant nice…. Not bad

Actually i have story behind this. That day i visit counter Loreal , i wanna try their foundation because someone recommendation that to me. But when i looking their lip stick line i been curious , since i need new one.




I choice the color peachy brown because its can easy to mitch and match with different make up look , and its simple. Its good for daily and its still nice for night too

Since its too nice , my mom take away from me , before i can take a picture properly on my lips. So now i just have picture while i swatch , i hope you okay with that


Color come very pretty no wonder my mom take away like that. She tell me that i already have too much lip stick , but hey woman never enough with lip stick right? Even its come same color but for sure its different brand

Beside the color come pretty , the texture of this lip stick its nice. Is give a bit glossy which nice for  me , because if come to matte lip stick its made my lip look super dry. For this is give s bit glossy and its moist for your lips. So all its just perfect for me , even come to price its affordable


  • Color come out pretty well
  • Texture its nice super moist
  • Give a bit glossy finish
  • Affordable
  • Come with a lot of color


  • Its……


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This post 100% made with smile


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