[Review] Vivid Pop Stick Etude House

Summer is just in front of our summer , what you need about summer? Sun bathing? Or some summer color vibe? For me summer its just about bright color , and its time for orange to show your color baby…

Remember last time i talking about some orange liquid lip stick from revlon? This time its different , i get from etude. For me somehow the color look almost one type of orange but if revlon give some glossy finish look , this one its matte , its really pretty






Their come like big crayon , with matte finishing. Im not sure its the latest one or no , but im pretty sure its new line from etude. They come with different color and most i see in counter is really sweet color , summer color. But the one get my attention its this one.

Rest is not my style. But you should check out maybe you will be like rest of color

At first i just feel curious about this product , because its cute so i curious and wanna try. Ta da! The color come very pretty and even formula is nice , but for you who have dry lips dont ever try this one , its just made your lips look more dry.

Because this one its really ncie ,a nd the formula its good too , i feel i wanna tr the other color. But somehow its only the one match with skin tone , actually most of all its my stye the rest its NO NO



See its come out very nice.Whenever i using this one , i feel a bit innocent somehow type like this give you innocent vibe and for sure man will like girl who innocent and calm? Im not sure about that but yeah lets say like that.

Even for apply as long its sharp its easy to apply , but yeah if not sharp you need sharper to made its sharp its like double working. Since this one its nice i dont care.

In this picture what i do its apply all over my lips , but like few days before i try to apply a bit and blend with my finger , come very well like coral orange. Its natural but still look nice. About long lasting , its not that long lasting. I can said its easy to fade of. You need to retouch after you eat or drinking. Eum… that the part i dont like it.

Its come back for you , if you type person who like touch up after eating , you should feel no problem about that.  But if you typical lazy person maybe you hate this product. For me im in between so i just have love hate relationship with this one



  • Color come out very pretty
  • Come with different colo


  • Its matte finish so is not good for you who have dry lips
  • Its not long lasting
  • You need sharper

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