[Review] Petite Beauty Winter Proof Cheeks Patch

This time there a tons of check mask , lips mask , etc etc out side there. For me at first its almost same with full mask , but only in some part you need to more to take care.

Recently i got my self cheeks patch mask from etude house. Reason why i bough this one , seriously its just for have fun. I feel its really cute , and come from heart shape argh….. its just cute overload




Its same like normal mask but only for cheeks , its said can to reduce redness who usually come out around cheeks. I dont really have redness in my cheeks so  yeah its just come for have fun like i said before




Leave for 20 minute but what i do its mot than that. Usually i just put before i go sleep and put away tomorrow morning when i wake up.

Because its just put around my cheeks so i can feel the different. My cheeks its super super moist and elastic. Its feel i want to touch my cheeks more and more

Honestly i really dont get it why they have kinda mask like this  , its really fun it its. But i prefer full mask not because i can take care all over my skin too but mostly this price its same like normal mask i bought at etude. But this one its only in some part but the other one i can take care all over my face.

Even like that , its seriously have fun. I bought the other its for lips area. And while i using that hahaha its freaking funny. That review will come out soon so wait for that.





Thing that im sure , maybe because its take care area which you can damaged more , its come out pretty more moist. But come thinking about the price i said no.

For me , bough normal mask with same price or maybe while you get discount it can more cheap , but take care like 2 times or 1 times per week. And you dont need this kind of mask



  • Its can made your redness less visible
  • Its maintain are that you will get worse dry
  • Cute overloade


  • Its expensive

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