[Review] Canmake Cheek & Cheek

As you know i fans of korea make up brand , since i been kpop for quiet long time. But more sure i love japan make up too , but i dont have chance to bought japan make up. Not forget to mention its a bit hard to find japan make up brand than korea make up brand here in Indonesia.

But recently i found one of famous japan make up brand come to my city


Yeah its canmake. It popular such as dolly wink , and other.

Signature of japan make up its almost same with korea make up , they always come with nice , sweet , cute packaging. Which made us wanna bought them like crazy. But seriously not all japan make up come very well as their packaging. Some of them kinda lack , not as good as their packaging

But this one is different

I already now canmake for 5 years or more maybe. First product canmake i got from my aunt , she visit japan and give me canmake eyeshadow. And its come out very good. Color come out well , its long lasting. Anyway its good so since than i believe that canmake its really good brand.

And because its come out my town i try couple of item i dont have chance to try , beside this i bought another but it will coming soon on my next post but for now let see this product first




DSC00039_副本DSC00033_副本I get this one in number 8 , i just feel i need more pink in my life since im stuck with blue these day XOXO

As you can see the price its 148K or maybe around 13 box. Its quiet good deal for japan make up because from i know some of japan make up they sell with high price such as dolly wink , kate , etc.

Come with small brush its made travel friendly. But FYI , the brush its not that good , its feel a bit rough in my skin , so i prefer using my own make up brush than this. And its somehow its not blend very well…

So now lets see how good the color come out


I dont know if you can see clearly in my camera or no. But for me its enough clearly.

Color come out very well right , its pretty. They have two different color , the ligh one and dark one. Most of people use the light one as highlight and the dark one maybe as blush one. Its up to you , but for me i like to mix two of them , and you know what the color come out very pretty Its feel iam blushing for nothing.

Very lovable color , suit for you who want give such innocent look or girly look.

In case you curious about canmake where you bought its easy to find these day just go to beauty market if you living in Indonesia. But for the rest maybe you should such e bay or amazon im not sure. Ah not to forget watson , last time when i visit singapore i see a bunch of canmake product at watson. You should check this one because its definitely worthed to try


  • Color come out very well
  • Come with different color
  • Packaging its cute
  • Price affordable
  • Long lasting


  • Quality of brush its not good

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This post 100% made with smile


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