[Review] Moisture Egg Hair Pack Skin Food

Recently my friend told me that my hair its getting better. Even for someone who dont know me tell me how can you have such good hair in fact that i always change my hair color.

The answered its maintain , how i take care my hair its the answer. Im pretty sure my hair is not healty 100% , is damaged but for level person who like dye hair maybe may hair in category healthy.

Recently i been using this mask from skin food. Its my first time i using skin food as my hair product. But the result its really nice.






Its for damaged and dry hair and its claim can repair you hair from damaged by frequent perm and coloring. Is just what i need. At first i really want htis one because its for repair damaged from coloring , but they dont have any simple at store. I mean how if the smell is like jerk?

But without thinking , i just bought. Who care smell if it can help my hair? Its what i thinking that moment. And yeah it its its help my hair so much. But smell is like jerk like i expect. My first told me the smell is not that bad , but its is for me.

Kinda nice smell but smell if you sniff for a long time you will feel like wanna throw up. In my case its not my style.


Im bit a shock with texture. I expect its more thick but its come liquid. Its same like shampoo but the thick one.




But forget about that , the result its fantastic.

Usually i apply after i wash my hair , and apply mask all over my hair and leave around 10 minute , its said 5 minute but somehow its too less for me , so i leave for 10 minute and wash . I got my hair hair super soft , moist and my hair color look more shine and come out.

I totally love the result.

So maybe for you who need repair your hair because its get damaged from coloring or perm you should check this one. And for this big bottle at least you can use for 2 til 3 month its cost around 20 box. So its good deal.

For me im using this one like 2 or 3 time per week if im not lazy , but if im lazy 1 time per week. But still i can feel the result. Hope this review help you who have damaged hair. I will see you in next post bye….


  • Its help your damaged hair from coloring and perm
  • Come with big bottle
  • Price its affordable


  • Smell is very bad at least for me
  • Its seems they dont have for oily type

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