[Review] Lash Applicator Lash Wink

Lately i became addiction with fake eye lash like no kidding whenever i go now i always using fake eye lash. Before i just bought because its cute but never use but now i use very well. More than that right now a bunch of overload cute fake eyelash at market no , what i found mostly its local fake eye lash and its not kidding cute.

But using fake eyelash by my self its not easy. I need some extra help. And than i found this one fake applicator. I found this fake applicator that work the best for me.


Yeah its tweezers but like normal tweezers that you found at market , its more longer and the end its look different than tweezers you use for clean your eyebrow. Most of all using tweezers that they use for clean eyebrow to application fake eyelash.

I already been use that one too , its not working on me. Somehow its just lack on me. this one its only work for me , and i got this one from local store called lash wink , they even sell cute fake eyelash. I bought the other time and maybe the review will coming soon , but now lets see more detail









i bought this one for around 10 box , its a bit expensive for lash applicator. To thing how this product its work very well on me , and even their packaging and design its really nice so yeah its okay to bought

Good thing

  • Its easy to use
  • Design its really good i mean its just my style

Bad thing

  • Its only you can bought online if you stay outside Jakarta
  • Its expensive than other lash applicator so far


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