[Review] Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix

I started using fake eyelash since a long time ago , but i never became their fans , until recently. I mean this day. I just enjoying using variety eyelash. Which most of eyelash now come with glue and if like that im not fans of their glue.

Somehow i prefer using my own glue. I dont know why i never using glue from them its just habit or somehow like errrrrrrr… forget i dont know how to explain. Come to point glue. Here is my favorite glue is from dolly wink.

If you dont know dolly wink  by tsubasa masuwaka , its famous brand from japan well know about the produced its self tsubasa masuwaka as famous model and well know to with their eyelash and cosmetic brand








DSC00242_副本Anyway anything about eyelash is really good if come to doly wink. This one is just really nice is easy to use  , stick very nice to fake eyelash and  its just good.

Since started falling in love with fake eyelash this glue is always stick with me , ah i dont want forget to mention about the face shop. They have good eyelash fix like really.

And maybe for you who like to using eyelash which can use more than one use this one , because its really easy to remover so far.

Since a lot of eyelash now , they many eyelash fix or glue in my word in market now. Some of them get my attention , not because their have cute overload packaging , but i heard their good. Maybe later when i can forget about this good , i will try the another one. The cheaper one since is a bit expensive

PS : talking about price is bit expensive but at least if you count how many times you can use this eyelash fix is worthy.


  • Stick very well
  • Easy to remover
  • They have 2 different style black one and white one ( i prefer the white one actually is just more easy)
  • Come with applicator which make easy to apply to eyelash


  • Its pretty expensive is cost around 16 to 17 box
  • So far i heard if you stay in western this product is quit hard to find

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