[Review] Lavie Fleur Fake Eyelash

Reason why i been addict with fake eyelash is because there tons of cute fake eyelash in market now. What  i talking now is local brand , there a tons of local brand in market now have cute fake eyelash like japan eyelash minus price is more cheaper. And one brand that i been trying and enjoy is lavie.

At first i doubt it will be good or no , but i guess i wrong. Is come out pretty good. Its really comfortable to wearing and than is come in pretty shape too , they have normal style but i dont like the normal one i more like dramatic. So i choice this one.





DSC00104_副本I got Lavie Fleur , not normal fake eyelash , but yeah… i dont like the normal one haha

It cost 6 box and come with glue , but is my habit i never try glue from fake eyelash that i bought. Usually i using my own glue fake eyelash somehow i more trust my own glue than glue its come from fake eye lash. How about you? I hope you have same habit like me , if no maybe i will the weird one

So forget about the glue i dont know , but the quality of eyelash is good , is type eyelash you can re use , and if  i re use is still good. At least i already re use for 10 times is still good.



Now i can feel a bit relax cos i dont need bought japan fake eyelash to have good fake eyelash because the price is really high. Go to local is not bad , good price good quality. But the thing that i dont like i need bought this one in online. They should try to make offline so its more easy to buy.


  • Quality its really good
  • Price affordable
  • You can re use but still good
  • Come with different style


  • Its only find online

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