Dubai 3 Tone

Because i dye my became blue , so i though it will be nice if i have blue circle lens  , so i bought it blue circle lens. Actually i bouth a long time ago but just use recently because yeah i feel blue a lot recently


Its called dubai 3 tone , color suppose to be blue and grey mix together , but its look like more blue than grey. This one its suppose for someone who like light color like me because its so visible , its not like deep kind of blue grey

And for sure you should wearing make up for this kind of circle lens. Its base what i learn if you like light color for circle lens , you should wearing make up because if no you look like blind people or at least maybe look like kinda weird




I love how this circle lens work on me , its give sexy image? Okay forget about sexy its bit crony for my called my self sexy but its give like i have natural blue color. This circle lens super match with my hair color even when i using my brown wig sometimes this circle lens still work.

As you know so far i never have problem with circle lens , i just okay with all contact lens so i dont know which one is good which one its bad because all its work fine with me. And this one too. So far i wearing this one comfortable its not made my eyes dry or something bad. Its good.

I really dont know this contact lens its good or my eyes just supper cheap so they can accept any circle lens without any problem

I got this cirlce lens around 13 box. For 6 month use that price is quit adorable and more than that i love this color of circle lens  , its just fit perfect with me. But yeah… its better to put makeup with this kind circle lens if you dont want became weirdo


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This post 100% made with smile


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