[Review] Easy Brow Pencil Etude House

Eyebrow its always like vvip thing for people these day. I mean you can go without  make up but without filling eyebrow? Its impossible.

At least for me its like that.

But even its super important my eyebrow its getting nowhere. I mean my eyebrow its always chance every day , i dont have one style for my eyebrow and its never same every time , i hope i can draw same everyday but i cant , sometimes i draw good dam fucking eyebrow sometimes its suck until at point that i feel i cant draw eyebrow

But cant forget about the pencil eyebrow , so far i always using pencil its more comfortable for me. Before im using pencil eyebrow from bless , its good , quality its nice but the color its too dark for me or maybe to bold. And now i try to sometime more natural more soft







So i get my self eyebrow pencil from etude house. Its called easy brow pencil , since my hair color is brown so i get the brown one.

Come with brush for your eyebrow its make everything its easy , color come very natural , light and its really soft its really comfortable to use.





Somehow i more like this eyebrow pencil than before bless. Its very natural and light somehow. Even the quality its same its comfortable to use but the color come very different , maybe because i too tired with blod eyebrow so the soft one its the one i like at this moment

For make my eyebrow look more natural like usually i wearing some eyebrow mascara. Its optional , i do because my hair eyebrow its very black , i thinking for bleaching it so its can more lighter but im scary if something bad happen to my eyebrow haha


  • Its soft comfortable to use
  • Color come very light so its very natural
  • Come with eyebrow brush so its easy when you need to retouch


  • Its expensive its cost around 11 box when i bought at Etude Store
  • They dont have other color beside black , grey , and brown. I hope they have light brown / blonde color like seriously

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This post 100% made with smile


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