[Review] Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Skin Food

Coral color is the best for natural lip color. For you who want look natural but in same time cute enough you should try coral. But some coral lip color its not match with me.

Actually its good , i mean the color come pretty , but i got the feeling its not suitable for me. So i get hard time to find good coral lip color for me. But even its hard not mean im give up. I always try the best to find coral color

Like right now , i got my self coral lip color from skin food







I got my self coral lip color form skin food , its called fresh fruit lip and cheek. So this thing you can apply to your lip or to your cheek , i thing its really good deal since not all coral color suitable for my lips , when its not good i can go for my cheek

At first when i see my package arrive (I bought online btw). I see why its suck , packaging its look like no no , but not forget to mention its skin food , their packaging its far far away from cute. And i chance my mind , its simple small its easy to bring everywhere i go but in the end i come back chance my mind. Because of the packaging sometimes i got hard time to open it

They said its apricot so i thing at first maybe its give some smell of apricot , but i got wrong. Its have nice smell but for sure its far far away from called apricot. I dont know what kind smell but its nice one and for sure its not apricot.

When i try to my lips , and its come nice. Color come out pretty well but its not suitable with my feeling. Okay here i got my feeling in this review

Somehow its too sweet for my style , so i dont get right feeling for my lips , but for cheek its really nice. Its give natural blushing cheek. And you dont need worry to hard to blend , some product right this if already apply its hard to blend but this one its easy enough to blend. But still you need careful to not put too muchDSC00383_副本

Because my skin tone its bit darker so its not more orange color but to more pink one. But its depend with your color , i try to my friend who have pale skin tone its come very orange like coral.

For price im not sure how much i got this one , but less than 20 box. So its good deal , its not to cheap or either its not to expensive. Come back you can bought one product with 2 purpose its like kill two bird with one stone right?


  • Color come out very well
  • Its easy to blend
  • You can use to your lip or if not working to your cheek either way


  • Its doesnt come with a lot of different color
  • Packging its suck sometimes i got hard time to open

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