[Review] Kerasys Elegance & Sensual Perfumed Shampoo

Did you know about get it beauty?
If not , its beauty tv show from korea. Mostly they talking about trend make up at that moment in korea , and some good stuff. I love to watching their show even i know its hard to find which have subs. But you know its about beauty , lets take with feel… so yeah most of time i watching their show without subs , but yeah take a feel and enjoy it.

Some of their ep i remember they introduce about new trend in korea called perfume shampoo. And all the mc look feel awesome with this product , so i try to find out if i can bought here or now , and yeah i can. So because i find and i bought so i  will review to you guys.

DSC00576_副本They have 3 different smells , but i got in purple or in elegance and sensual one , why? its just because they only have this one the rest its already out of stock. But i dont mind at all because this is not bad. Smell damn fucking good laaa



Other reason why i should buy this one because han chae young its became their ‘face’. If you dont know han chae young she its famous actress from korea , she in same level like han ga in , han ji won , ji hyun , etc. She pro and she fucking pretty

I remember when i was in junior high school , i watching her drama my sassy girl chun yang if im not wrong , uhhh.. At that moment she really pretty. How can she became she pretty like that?

Hands up if you han chae young fans like me , i will love you…!!!




So even its one bottle there have 3 kinda smell , like you can see in bottle. And smell its super perfect , its not strong but not too soft , so after couple hours you wash your hair , your hair still smells good

Btw i just got their shampoo , i asking if they have conditioner or no. But they not  sold it and the sales said its enough using this one because even you using this one only your hair will smooth like you apply conditioner. But in my case because my hair it to dry so its not working.

Maybe for you who have healthy or at least normal hair using this one without conditioner its already enough. But mine still need conditioner but you know even i apply conditioner i can sense smell of this shampoo. So i just feel super good with this  shampoo. Its smell damn good and yeah its smooth my hair for some reason. Ad you know its cost for 8 box for this big bottle , i think its good damn deal

Ah btw because i coloring my hair , i feel its can make my hair color more easy fade away , but surprise my hair look still good even i wash my hair almost everyday.


  • Smell very good
  • Even in one bottle they have 3 different smell
  • Because its called perfumed shampoo so they smell is more long lasting than normal shampoo


  • Its not for people who coloring they hair
  • A bit hard to find

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  1. If you have dyed hair as you mentioned above, will kerasys make your hair dryer or quickly fade out your hai since it ‘s perfumed shampoo, u know??? i know that it contains sulfate as well….

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