[Review] Laneige Deep Cleansing Oil Refresh Sebum Clear

Recently i been addict with make some video for my youtube channel , so maybe my blog will became like
FKSKSDGFOfSFPEI hope you will be understand , since we still can contact with my youtube channel. And yeah dont forget to subscribe my new channel its called FukidzID.

Maybe you curious why i chance my youtube channel constant , its because my old channel called fukidz i forget password , how many time i try i still cant remember clearly , and about wejesskidz. Its suppose to be our channel between me and jess but some reason jess hiatsu so i decide to make my new channel , and i put ID or Indonesia , because there will be video in bahasa , but still i upload some of them with english.

Okay that about my youtube world , my recently i addict. And lets talking about review this time.

DSC00573_副本I believe people chance…
For example a simple chance. Before im not kinda a girl who like oil cleansing in my skin care routine , but now i became addict and feel good about cleansing oil. Now i just cant leave without cleansing oil. Crazy right? Uh oh…. It does

Actually i dont have big reason why i dont like cleansing oil , its maybe because its feel more stick to my skin , than normal cleansing but hell yeah i do some research and for you who wearing make up almost everyday like me cleansing oil its all you need to remover your make up.

But i does , i usually remover my make up with my make up remover , and clean with foam , but now before i clean with foam , i apply this one 3 pump. Why 3 pump? Its just feel great and 3 its my favorite number. And clean with foam and i feel my skin feel more clean and fresh






So here what i got its cleansing oil from laneige , i been try cleansing oil from face shop , but compare to face shop i more like this. Why?

I feel this more clean my make up , so i can feel my skin more clean and fresh after using this. And this product its can clear sebum , recently my sebum its not kidding a lot. Maybe because its summer so my skin make more sebum than usually. So its just perfect. Even smell its damn good.

Typical fresh smell , smell you never get bored. For some reason when i smell this product its similar with rinso , its local brand for cleaning clothes. If does make sense.

FYI my skin type is normal but oily in t zone  so i product sebum too. And because its summer my sebum its overacting. So with this product its remover my sebum and my skin its getting more to normal , than to oily. And some reason , i dont know for sure its because this product or no , my skin getting more bright. They said its can help bright your skin tone , i feel it but seriously im not sure if its because this product or its just other product i using.

And because its can remover your sebum , its nor recommend for you who have dry skin. If you using this one i bet your skin its getting more dry. Maybe you can get different type of cleansing oil which for dry skin.

But totally i love this product , its not because its to damn good , its just average its good , not too good but its not bad at all. I hope you err… not confuse with all i said.


  • Its clean your make up very deep and you will feel fresh after using
  • Remove your sebum if you have problem with sebum.
  • Its dermatology tested
  • Smell good


  • Quiet expensive around 35 box for this bottle

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