Whenever you meet someone you must know you will say good bye to that person or maybe to another person
Its life , someone come and someone go away

Lost one friend , its became everybody problem. I bet almost all reader have been in this problem. Lost your friend.

Either me. I lost one of my bf , and its almost 1 years. From we very close to each other. Always contact each other with line , skype , whats up , and now we just stranger. We act like we dont know each other , like we never close before.

I dont know why  , she suddenly disappear , i try call her , and pretending nothing happen like everything its good. Start talk about something we like , but she just reply so cool and she disappear. At first i think i was to sensitive maybe i got wrong idea that she want disappear from my life , but after a while i feel im not wrong yeah she try. And i let her disappear btw.

Yeah i let

Friendship for me its understanding each other its no perfect , respect each other , and fight for each other. That mean about friendship for me. But if she not try to fight for this relationship since i already try , so yeah what can i do its let her go. Let her disappear.

Honestly at first i sad , who is not sad lost bf? But you know its life , you need that feel. Feeling lost someone so you can feel gladly full with what you have now.

Im sure she have new world , new world without me with new bf. And me i get new world without her and still with my some of old bf. Team heal , im sure. Because its what i feel now , at first i lost her i feel bad about that and i wanna solve this problem i dont want her disappear. In other side i cant push her stuck with me since she dont want. FYI we dont have any problem we dont fight about something but someday she try to disappear. She choice to leave me , so what i can do its leave her go.

Im fine…. Thx to time who always healing my pain….
And of course to my family and my old bf who always beside me…. ALWAYS

Btw for you who maybe read my blog…

Hey girl….

I know we became stranger now. And maybe its to late to make it seems nothing happen. I wish all the best for you , and if i do something bad for you im sorry. I know how i always make funny for you but im not sure is that reason why you want disappear but i just only thinking about that. Only that reason why you decide leave me. Its my part but i can get rid its bad part of me i know , but can you just remember good part for me , if you more remember about that just a little bit maybe our relationship never like this. But yeah its already happen i cant said anything. Btw i know you already graduate and somehow i cant mention in front of you because you never tell me directly you already graduate. Congtraz for your graduate i hope the best for you. And yeah… Im sorry for all thing i done to you im not perfect but you either i thing we can understanding each other but we wrong now we decide to walk with our own part so hope the best for you , hope for you happiness and all good thing….

Your ex best friend

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This post 100% made with smile


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