[REVIEW] Innisfree Nude Lip Gloss

As you know i love pop up color , bright color is my style. Well maybe since that i dont have own a lot of make up color with nude or even soft color. My make up collection always have bright color. But when i do need nude or soft color which mean i need that.

Even not everyday , just sometimes. I love heavy smokey eyes but that kind make up for me only match with nude color , even i know some of people use deep red color when their eyes have heavy smokey but for me its too much. I always go with nude lip color so i need lip stick or lip gloss with nude color.

Recently i got this lip gloss with nude color from innisfree





I forget what series this lip gloss , seems i destroy packaging or yeah somehow i  end like this. Maybe who guys know what series and number this one you can drop some comment

Im not fans of nude lip gloss or lip stick kinda feel sick whenever i apply. But when i have  heavy smokey is all i need. And this one is really nice. Even is nude color but its have glitery effect that make more special not too nude and make my lip more volume when i apply.


Another thing that i like is not feel greasy whenever i apply. Is moist but not too moist. Is just in perfect rate for lip gloss

When i swatch is look very same with my skin okay here because my hand color more darker , but when i apply in my lips is very pretty , i not i like but something i need. You know right my mean?

But for you who like nude lip color maybe you can give this product shoot , because color is pretty even for me who not big fans of nude color and their texture is really nice. Not make your lip crack


  • Its very moist
  • Smell is nice
  • Good price is cost maybe 10 to 15 box


  • Its have a lot of glitter effect so maybe for you who like mate this product will be YAY for you
  • Packaging is not cute like it suppose to be from Korea Brand

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This post 100% made with smile


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