[REVIEW] Wet N Wild Vamp It Up

If you realize lately my post is about lip stick , lip gloss anything about lips. Aha…..
Yeah i lazy as hell to review other product and more easy is lip product so yeah before my lazy go away lets stick to lip product since soon or later i will review right.

If  you stalk me for long time ago , and maybe couple week ago i mention how much i love bold color. Ahaaa…
And now lets talk one of kind bold lip stick





Its official my first lip stick from wet n wild. Somehow i never interesting with this product. Why? I dont know i dont have good answered just not interesting.

But when i found this one is really different. Color is super super mine , and forget my feeling to wet n wild i just grab this product and lala. color is just good as i expect


Super bold , and super purple. I damn hell love purple color so its just super me. But you know i get my another problem. Even i damn to love to this lip stick but im never dare to use this lipstick outside.

So far i using this in my home , walking around with full make up and bold lip stick. Suc a chicken? Yes i do. I dont know im scary somehow to use this color outside. But maybe when i have special event i will use this one

So far this product is good , color is pretty similar with picture they show and texture this lip stick is nice. Is have bit glossy finish. But seriously i dont mind since im more love glossy finish than matte.

But one thing i dont like about this product , its their packing is super cheap. And even the cap is really easy to open so if i put in my make up pouch it make messy everywhere. So far than that this product is good enough.

PS : i feel vampire enough when i using this product LOL


  • Color is super pretty
  • Long lasting enough
  • Not make your lips dry
  • Cheap its cost around 10 to 15 box


  • I bought its online is kinda hard to find offline
  • Their packing is so cheap
  • Its can make messy your make up pouch because their cap is easy to open

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This post 100% made with smile


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