[Review] Batitste Dry Shampoo Original

If you living in US or asia but in big city you maybe have a tons of dry shampoo , but in here where im living dry shampoo is such uncommon thing. Btw i living in Indonesia if you dont know and most awful im living in not capital city but samll city so  which mean is so more rear to find dry shampoo. I can if i buy online  , but im to lazy to buy because i dont thing i really need

But few week ago when i just look around in market i found dry shampoo. It feel awwwwe asdf

I cant believe i can find dry shampoo here , so i just bought since maybe i need and my mom need because she have crazy hair color and she want it doest fade away so fast so yeah we need it

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Its called batiste , is super popular i saw a tons of youtuber and blogger mention about this shampoo is good and is cheap. It does cheap i got in 100K rupiah its called cheap laaa because if come to such good brand it will cost more. And it come with different smell.

I know the popular one is cherry but im not big fans of cherry i even cant eat cherry so yeah i got the original one. Is just smell like very clean , nothing very special is yeaah kinda fresh and clean smell.

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And i feel its good , when my hair feel super oily because im not wash my hair witht his one its help my scalp from oily and in same time its give a volume to my crown hair.

Over all its just good , do greet job and smell is really nice i dont have any special complain about this product.

FYI share this product with my mom , i use this product one time per 2 day and my mom use most everyday because she love how this product make his hair more volume because she can use foam or hair spray because its make her itch so yeah she stick with this product. But is still quiet a lot , is almost 1 month im use and it feel same a lot when i first bought

And maybe for you who have same case with my mom , you can try this product for make your hair more volume


  • Its remove all oily from your scalp
  • Give nice volume touch
  • Its quite a lot product
  • Cheap
  • Its come with different variant fragrant


  • If you living in indonesia you maybe will have hard time find this product

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