[Review] Revlon Wet/Dry Shadow Fleshtone

Maybe 2 years ago or 1 years ago around that time , im not big fans of eye shadow. I love bought for collect but not to use. But now i love to use as much as i love collect them

But back then when i dont use too much eye shadow. There one eye shadow is like my must go to eye shadow. Its duo eye shadow from revlon


Yeah is just simple duo eye shadow with brown and nude color. This eye shadow only eye shadow i can use all till touch down. I never use eye shadow until touch down only this one.

I love this eye shadow because i can use everyday as my everyday make up , usually im not use as eye shadow im use as filling my eye brow or for shading my nose. My nose too short i cant help it so i need shading and conturing , so usually im use this one because is simple and easy to use



This duo eye shadow come with different color , but this color is the best. For you who begin with make up and one grab eye shadow the simple and you can use almost everything just grab this one.

I forget how much i bought this eye shadow but its around 6 to 7 box , so yeah its pretty cheap. Good for everything eye brow , shading , conturing , and of course as eye shadow. Color come out nice and everlasting. So what you want more? for you who just star make up i highly suggest you to bought this one. Its perfect


  • Color come out nicely and easy to blend
  • Come with different color
  • They have applicator so if you go traveling and need touch up your eye shadow it will be super easy


  • Packaging is really cheap , so you should be careful to not broke

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