[Review] Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One

Recently i been in hunting mode on , im hunt for cheap cosmetic but with nice quality. Totally challenge me because price cosmetic with good quality its mainstream but cheap with nice quality ahhh is like OMG

And this time i want talking about this product cheap  but have nice quality

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Its from maybelline clear smooth all in one , this one is refill  but i think i can go with only refill since is cheap ahahahaa is cost only 2 box for this one

Their clam this product it have 32 SPF and all day shine control , uv protection , conceals , smoothens , etc



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Processed with VSCO

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Lets see how look like inside

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Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO

This reason why i can go okay buy refill , because i think i dont need mirro and this packaging is enough what i need is their quality

Packaging is totally made for refill clean , simple , but i think is enough for only 2 box.

I choice number 4 honey , yeah i dont know why i choice this color because of course is more darker than my actually skin color. Maybe that time i thinking i want wearing this for brown look make up finish somehow like that.

When i try color blend nice but yeah its bit dark but i can go with this , its give nice , smooth finish look. Its give my make up look  more matte that i really like lately

I even wearing this one in my recently video make up tutorial , if you want watch how good this product in real time you can go to my youtube channel and check my recenly video make up tutorial

Talk about quality , this product is good , its give me what their claim. But somehow in some area of my skin break out after wearing this one , i dont know if this only reason or because is my era for break out skin. But its break out lately. But for finish look is go nice


  • Cheap
  • Packaging nice for refill
  • They come with refill only or full packaging wich cost more expensive than refill
  • Finish is look is amazing , like their clam
  • Come with different color type


  • Its break out my skin
  • Come with sponge but quality sponge is bad

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