[Review] Saemmul Real Tint 01 The Saem


I been interested product from the saem , i really curious how this brand go and stuff

So i decide to give shot with another product from the saem , is real tint saemmul.



I already impress with their concealer so i hope this tint go very well impress me. I decide to go with their red color because eumm i just love red and is go nice with everything



Packaging is so so is typical lip tint packaging simple and easy. But come to color and formula eum lets talk about love? No im kidding lets talk about color

Color like you see is more in orange tone than reddish tone , i hope its get more dark red then this one but its turn more light go to orange color.  But i think is okay i can still said is good enough

Move to formula , here is because tint its make yout lip bit crack but its long lasting. Even i eat my tint still in place so i just love. Is remind me about lip tint from peri pera , but less crack

Is not normally me who always read review before buy this product i bought without ready any review or suggest from someone. So its decide by mind. But is go along with me very well

So for you who know really curious about saem product beside their concealer maybe you can give shout with this product is really nice


  • Long lasting
  • Cheap cost around 10 box
  • Packaging is nice , simple and clean



  • Color come more softer , more orange tone than color in bottle
  • Is make your lip bit crack after applyCome with couple different color not much

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