[Review] The Face Shop Color Nuance PK104

Some of you maybe now that im big fans of korea cosmetic. Beside korea cosmetic is more cheaper than western , other reason most of korea product they have cute nice packaging so here i am

Processed with VSCO

And now i will talk about one of product from korea is from the face shop. Is singel eye sahdow in soft pink to purple color with glitter on it


Processed with VSCO


Processed with VSCO

If talk to eye  shadow color im more prefer to eye shadow with glitter on eat , so its give my eyes more sparkel , live somehow like that. And its have. Even its to too much but i think its okay

Their glitter is on right level glitter

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

As you can see because color is so light , is seems very pale in my skin tone. I think is because korea people they have pale , white skin so they made eye with soft color this , because soft eyeshadow with white skin is perfect

But for my skin kinda off a bit. But its not made me down. Im still use this product to my aegyeo sal and its became so pretty. Or as high light.

For you who dont familiar with aegyeo sal make up you can use this one as hight light and is super super pretty. Its shine but not too much make you skin look good and sexy in same time

For you who have white pale skin uh oh , i think you very lucky cause this product made for you eyes. Come very pastelish color so pretty . Envy for you guys

For pigment is long lasting , but for more long lasting i suggest you to use base before apply eye shadow it will help you

And so that all my review about this eye shadow. I dont know if i talk much as you want to read or no. But yeah i hope my review it will help you.

After all my opinion about this product is really not bad even color not look good in my eyes because my skin is dark but its very nice good to use as high lighter or apply in you aegyeo sal


  • Color come with very pretty nice color
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to blend
  • Its have glitter but not too much


  • Its maybe bit off in skin tone like me , bit dark
  • Packaging kinda cheap easy to broke



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