[Review] Skin Food Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

Eyebrow is my important thing i cant live without eyebrow

So yeah i try many different eyebrow thing to make my eyebrow look good. Usually i go with pencil but some my friend suggest me to try eye brow cake because they have more natural finish look and more easy

Actually i already try but i dont like it because is so soft and i have dark hair eyebrow so its doesnt match. But still im very curious about which eye brow cake suitable for me

And recently i try eye brow cake from skin food . If you watch my video make up tutorial you maybe spot this eye brow in my video

Processed with VSCO

Its from skin food , choco eyebrow powder cake. I bought in brown color cause i dont like dark and i try grey before and its weird for my me so i try brown.

This one is dark brown , i hope they have light brown but i saw online they only have this kind of brown so yeah i thing i just give a shot with this one

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

I bought online and its cost 10 box. I can said its cheap for eye brow cake. And dont forget to mention they have 2 color and they give you brush. So you can  mix and match with color and you dont need bought another brush cause they give for you

As you can see in picture i more use dark one than light one it cause my hair now is bit dark so i use dark , when i have light hair color i will use light one.

Texture it self its easy to blend , and color come out nice. Is very soft doesnt feel hard at all its jsut nice

For brush they give to us , is okay. I mean is not very good but it deosnt feel bad at all. It work nice. Sometimes i prefer using my own brush because is long so easy to use and its more softer. But sometimes use this brush is not bad. Even is bit hard the brush and small , but okay when u in hurry

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

As you can see when i swatch color come pretty same so i decide this product is good one

Sometime im using light brown as my counturing. Is work nice actually. Is give a nice shape to my nose since i always counturing my nose

After all for cheap price this prodcut work beyond price. Is totally good. Of course compare to anastasia is far away. Antastasia still more good than this one but anatastasia is expensve so no wonder if they good

Im impress with this prodcut. So maybe for you guys who love korea cosmetic and wanna try something new for your eye brow i suggest this one for you guys


  • Its cheap
  • Come with brush
  • Color come out nice and same
  • Is easy to blend


  • Variant of color its not many
  • You should bought online if your country doeesnt have skin food

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