[Review] Maybelline Color Show True Toffee 301

For lip color i dont really like nude lip color. I more like dark red , pink fushia or orange to became my lip color

But to be honest sometimes i need nude color for lip stick , while my make up already to heavy nude color is all i need. And here let me show my one of collection of nude color

Processed with VSCO

Its come from maybelline in their series color show. Yeah i bought almost all color from color show series. And i will review one by one because i realize each color have different formula

Some color its prefect some color is lack in same area

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Packaging it self i think is clean and simple. Typical maybelline lip color. Nothing special i can said about this packaging

Maybe one thing , because they show color in their packaging so its easy to grab without see what name and color it easy when you in hurry

So lets see how color i will swatch here and than i apply on my lips

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When i swatch its seems more to orange coral color than nude coffee color.  But its bit different when apply its totally look nude like coffee but not to light

Processed with VSCO

As you can see its doesnt have mate finish is bit glossy. Which i dont mind since i dont really into to mate lip stick cause sometimes is make my lips feel very dry

Color come out nice but for long lasting dont hope too much. At least you need to touch up whenever you already eat or drinking color seems not long lasting

And thing that i bit hate this lip stick have some smell that i hate kinda crayon smell. Its feel weird. I dont like lip stick who have some crepy smell. So i get hard time when i apply this on because smell but the rest i can take care nice this product. Color is nice even not long lasting i dont mind to re-touch. And its cheap cause maybe 4 or 5 box


  • Its cheap
  • Color come out nice


  • Is doesnt long lasting
  • Have some weird smell

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