[Review] A’pieu Aqua Nature Hydrating Management

Hey its been a while since i write something in blog…
I feel bad because i made promise to my self every week i should have at least 1 post but seems already more than 1 week i pass without any post

But i have reason beside lazy to max , i think im kinda addict make video on youtube again. At least when i was missing on blog i made 2 or 3 new video. Is good damn reason right? So for you guys please kindly check my youtube channel called fukidzid i made some video with bahasa and some with english just match everything

So now i get my new review about one product from A’pieu. I love this brand even this brand kinda new for me but their product is good and mostly cheap

The do a lot collab with cartoon like doraemon , sinchan and many more and now i have one of their product their collab with crayon sinchan , is bring my memories back

Photo 9-7-13, 10 24 03 PM

Its called Aqua Nature Hydarating management , so totally is just cream for made you skin more hydrating simple like that but packaing is so adorable. I born in sinchan area so is totally my style

Photo 9-7-13, 10 25 10 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 25 16 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 24 44 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 24 24 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 24 09 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 25 35 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 25 44 PM

Packaging is ultra cute. 10/10 for packaging. Reason why i bought this product because packaging. And lets move to cream it self

Texture is more heavy than i thought its remind me about some lotion you apply on your body , very heavy texture but when i apply its feel light and easy to apply

Photo 9-7-13, 10 26 07 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 26 49 PM

Photo 9-7-13, 10 27 07 PM

Honestly their product it self not outstanding as packaging. Im sorry apieu but this cream is so so i dont feel this hydration my skin like their promise i name. Sorry about that after all this product only good because their packaging and not forget to mention is cheap. For this kinda texture price is good


  • Packaging is ultra cute
  • Cheap! Around 9 box


  • Texture is heavy i dont like it
  • Its called can make you skin hydration but seems is doesnt work for me

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This post 100% made with smile



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