[Review] Banila Tint Balm

Photo 10-25-13, 8 40 26 PM
When i searching soem banila co product i found this one for me is kinda interesting because is called tint but in balm texture and i think this product is one of magic product

Reason why i said like that because yeah you can see this product is totally white most likely transparent but when u apply to your lips its give slightly pink tone color very nice and natural i like the result

Photo 10-25-13, 8 40 32 PM

Photo 10-25-13, 8 40 42 PM

Photo 10-25-13, 8 40 49 PM


Photo 10-25-13, 8 41 05 PM

Photo 10-25-13, 8 42 46 PM


Photo 3-24-16, 12 52 35 PM

Photo 3-24-16, 12 54 08 PM

I dont know if it show in camera or now , but yeah is seems not very visible even in real life seems bit pink but not too much and its feel moist too is feel like you wearing balm

I love this kinda tint balm because is give a bit color to your lips and than very moist i suggest you guys who still in high school and want wearing some tint balm who have light color so your lips can look pretty and blooming but in same time very moist this product is good.

For price i dont know official retail price because i bought online while its discount. But maybe is not too expensive and its have some good nice beautiful smell light but very nice one

After all this product do good great job like balm but they said is tint i dont know why maybe because their magic kinda. But yeah is totally okay for magic but not that awesome i dont give pros and cons because its seems doesnt have any special for me to said  its just okay


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