[Review] The Face Show Kiss The Color Cheek Tint No 2

Photo 10-25-13, 8 44 10 PM

Have you ever heard artist called Keita Hani well if you into the kpop you must be know about this because their product like clothing hoodies and stuff used by kpop artist such as BTS , EXO and many more.

You can google for more info but now let me talk about collab Keita Hani with The Face Shop

This product is not new , but the reason why i talk now because i found this product interesting these day

Photo 10-25-13, 8 44 04 PM

Photo 10-25-13, 8 44 35 PM

Photo 10-25-13, 8 44 24 PM

Their launch 2 variant color for this cheek tint in number 1 is pink tone and i get number 2 in orange to coral tone

Reason why i pick number 2 because i more into coral orange tone than pink. Some reason i dont really think my skin is match with pink tone i already use many pink blush on with different brand but no one suitable with my skin tone

Orang color is different case i always have good relationship with orange not to forget to mention i hard die fans of shinhwa

Lets come back talk about product

Photo 10-25-13, 8 44 49 PM

Photo 10-25-13, 8 45 15 PM

Color very pretty right beside its easy to  apply and of course blend to you dont need brush. You can blend or even apply with hand. Very handy right is good for traveling

Because usually i always lazy bring brush when i traveling so i just use hand is more easy and quick. Since usually traveling always hectic

Color come out nice and not forget to mention that is long lasting. Is not water proof but i can promise you guys is long lasting than you expect. After all i love this product


  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Very handy travel friendly


  • You should bought online if you want this product because i  bet they dont have this product anymore at store
  • Price kinda bit expensive than i expect

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Business Inquiries : Myairos[at]ymail[dot]com
This post 100% made with smile


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