Urban Porridge

Its been decade since i talking about food , i even dont know why i still eat a lot but to lazy to take picture prepare as food blogger cause im beauty blogger LOL

Not just kidding

Maybe i lost my friend who always with me when i want to try new place so thats good reason for me to stop but yeah since is been a long lets talk


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When i was child i dont like porridge but past month ago im getting into to porridge i try some legend of porridge in my city and some of new face

And this one is new face in city

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Processed with VSCO

As you can see get tons of meet and a bit of porridge. Is not fair portion but i bet some of you really enjoy eat meat in porridge than porridge it self

Like my friend , she like ths kind of porridge but for me nay…

Forget about portion taste is surprise me , Is damn good! Very tasteful… Im curious why taste always good and tasteful when i bought but when i make taste is awfu

Portion is nice i mean look! That enough laaaa… And plus if you feel that too much you can have half portion. Even is street food but their place is clean and you can listen funky music here. Is big plus

Im sorry im not talking picture their place but trust me is clean and nice. When i visit them maybe is quit early so is not crowded i like it. Because id ont really like to eat at crowded place is very uncomfortable

Processed with VSCO


As price you can see your self its quite cheap. If you porridge lover you should try this place is good!

Jalan Cibadak no 58 Bandung
Open 07.00 night till end (actually i dont know when they open but for sure is night and i visit them around 07.00 nigh they already open)



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