[Review] Missha Triple Eyeshadow Browny Pink No 1

SInce always collect skin care i try to chance to became eye shadow junkie , or you can said take my eye shadow to the next level

I wanna be boss eye shadow LMAO

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Because of that maybe you can find my post much more review about eye shadow cause i wanna have more eye shadow collection

This one i get from missha , color super pretty burgundy red. I love typical eye shadow like burgundy red since i saw baekhyun make up. If you remember his make up when mama in 2014 or 2015 maybe. He wearing burgundy eye shadow and thats damn cool. Its give like vampire vibe to his look and since that i love any kind burgundy eye shadow , okay you can said i have crush became vampire

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Their packaging it self eum… i dont know is really weird? This kinda packaging is only for one eye shadow but they put three color on it , so each color have small space.

But uncomfortable if you just like one or two color you need small brush to grab color you want.

In other hand when you traveling usually you take a lot eyeshadow or even big pallet but now you just bring one single eye shadow but you can get three color

In other day i try to mix all three color and seems is doesnt working as i expect color seem very weird i cant said its pretty but its just eum… color that i dont want to wearing. I try to blend nicely but yeah mix this color all and put on your eyelid is doesnt seems good idea for me. Just put one by one so you get nice color

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I try to swatch but seems my camera cant take clearly or maybe because my hands is more darker. So i just see how color on my finger

Color very pretty , its glitter and if you have eye lid that oily you should take base because this eye shadow doesnt long lasting

Texture it self is typical eye shadow easy to blend but doesnt long lasting , if i can said is more long lasting and nice texture etude house eye shadow than this one. But this color very pretty so yeah i can said okay about this eye shadow


  • Color pretty
  • Easy to blend
  • Cheap around 11 box you get three color
  • Come with wild rage color


  • You need small brush if you just want grab one color is very uncomfortable
  • Doesnt long lasting


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