[Review] Goodbye Pore Ever Etude House

Photo 11-10-13, 8 10 53 PM

Pore always became my nightmare for me recently , so i try to minimize my pore try anything for now so maybe from now i will review anything about pore problem

Because now i have big problem with pore

And here is good bye pore ever from etude house , i try they toner from this line and is totally do good job so yeah why i not try other product since tone impress me so much..

Photo 11-10-13, 8 11 02 PM

Photo 11-10-13, 8 11 13 PM

Photo 11-10-13, 8 11 27 PM

They come wih small stick wich i think is good is easy to apply and easy to bring everywhere.

This product doesnt have fragrant at all is good is more like normal one and texture it self i can said is bit like silicon? Im not sure… but when i apply it give smooth feeling that i love it but…. it doesnt cover all up

They cover for pore is more in medium level not high. For daily use this product is good cover enough you pore but for some special day you should found another brand because yeah… is doesnt cover that much

And is not long lasting around 4 till 5 hours maybe and your pore will visible even you already put like powder on top is doesnt work…

Photo 11-10-13, 8 12 26 PM

Photo 11-10-13, 8 12 34 PM

But come to thinking price is around 10 box this product do good job. For daily i suggest you try this one but for big event you should find more price product  because yeah… you need more cover right?


  • Is doesnt have fragrant
  • Easy to apply and blend nice too
  • Cheap


  • Doesnt long lasting
  • Coverage is low to medium

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