[Review] The Face Shop Face It Oil Cut Pore Balm


I get this product quit long ago but i dont have chance to try but recently i have big pore around my cheek area so i this product need to show off

Like finally

Hell yeah my pore getting more bigger day by day i dont why. Maybe because im not teenager anymore so my skin getting eum… complicated like my life? LOL






Their packaging it self very handy , come with applicator is very easy is very travel friendly. But let dig more

Texture it self is very balm , its remind me about nivea balm , a bit sticky but not too much… And sponge it self very soft , but seriously im not use this sponge when application this product i do at first but seems its very uncomfortable so  i just use my hand

And than i realize another , this product very thin so is look like much but not so much as you expect

Another thing i should give note about this product. This product only work  in some couple bb or foundation mostly from same brand if you have bb or foundation for other brand do not surprise is seems very bad. Because i try this product and i grab clio as foundation its seems my pore still visible and look weird but if i try bb cream from same brand its give smooth skin like i want

So yeah its bit complicated sometimes is work sometimes is doesnt. Come to thinking formula i love even is sticky but surprisely is easy to blend ,  for you who start make up its easy to use this product to cover you pore but yeah just find good foundation or bb cream for go well with this product


  • Easy to blend
  • Have nice fragrant kinda mint but not too strong
  • Travel friendly


  • This base is not working with all foundation or bb cream
  • Very thin

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This post 100% made with smile




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