Feel Like 23



Before April is getting end i think its goo time for post about this one

Its been a while since i share my life , recently my post is about review not  because i dont want to share with you guys about my life , but yeah i dont thinking something big happen in my life so far

So yeah i just stop to write about my life but now because i feel its something big happen so i write

Couple week ago i celebrate my birth day , nothing special about my birth day i just hang out with my bff celebrate together and my big sis send me cake , i bit surprise because she come the day i birth day so usually and yeah she bring cake. Is been like habit for two of us send gift when we birth day

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Thinking i already life for 22 years is really amazing , i never thinking i will life this far. Okay maybe for some of you 22 years is just a number not much its short but for me is mean a lot

There a tons of incident happen in my life for 22 years good or bad thing and all  off them make me like now

Im grateful because all of them make me more stronger , mature and more important i feel more human than before.

And became 23 i started new world that i feel ah…. this life is never fair and you should more serious now. Yeah i try to see my life more serious try to ambition about something especially about my carrier.  Before i really hope to make my blog as my carrier but yeah i will let this blog as my hobby and found another carrier

But still i hope this hobby can give me money someday , it will be good

Photo 4-27-16, 4 39 15 PM (11)

Photo 4-27-16, 4 39 15 PM (10)

Photo 4-27-16, 4 39 15 PM (9)

And i realize beside my nose i dont really like my lips , its too big for me , i want have small lips. But lets see in future how i thinking about my lips

But for sure maybe next year or eat least before 25 , amen. I can repair my nose. I want make them more higher dont judge , i just want like that with a tons reason so yeaaaa

And more and more i life i really love my eyes , i just know recently i really have pretty eyes. And yeah i very happy about that

22 years life and now 23 i know my self more better , i can love my self more good. I know what i love and what i hate.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Because 23 i try to stop getting crazy hair color

No i lie its because song he kyo , from dos she have bob hair with dark brown color , and its look stunning on her so i really want try her hair style so bad. Maybe in couple of day i will dye my hair more darker.

Hope it will be long more than 3 month if not i will let you guys now

But seriously 23 is very amazing number for me. I glad with everything happen bad thing good thing , and yeah of course for GOD who give me this chance to life so far to give everything i need for  good. I glad for that and i hope you have wonderful day too








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