[Review] Annie’s Way Arbutin Hyaluronic Acid Brighting Jelly Mask


I do not know exactly when but still i remember bubzbeauty ever mention this product , how good this product . So when i have chance to get this product i just bought

I bouhgt for dark and dry skin , FYI my skin condition is not dry , but in some spot it dry around my nose and dark i think as asia  girl i want have white skin so that reason why i get my hand with this product





I bought this on for 30 box around , and i get big bowl of mask. You can use for couple month at least 3 month for each week you use 1 or 2 times.  Seriously is good damn deal.

They come with spatula is not for nothing , because when you apply mask and you want clean feel you need spatula to help you and than i found is more easy to take off your mask with spatula too when its dry , its just like vacuum clean everything in one motion




As you can see i apply a lot , its too much actually , but i need to do because i want to capture this moment But if you use like normal person and doesnt need to review just get right among

Is my first time use mask with gel type usually i just use mud or sheet mask , is normal but yeah this gel is my first time and feel awesome

Is give chill cool sensation when i apply. Is amazing cause i dont put this on refrigerator but its give cool sensation maybe because gel type so its give cold sensation

Usually i put around 15 to 20 minute and its give good sensation cold , fresh and tight feeling after i use . Any good feeling after you take your mask you will feel from this mask. Not forget to mention is easy to take off you only need spatula to take off everything and clean again with water. Its very simple step .

Btw if you want to get this product you need bought online because i doubt they have store , at least when i bought this i bought online and they have a lot variant you can choice which one is suitable for your skin problem. But for me this one is do great job

For you who want  more lighter and bit dry skin like me , give a shot with this product i recomend this one for you

If you live in Indonesia you can get this product here http://www.annieswayindonesia.com
They come with different variant for different skin trouble and they have big or small size for you to try out



  • Mask easy to apply and take off
  • Come with spatula
  • Do good job like their claim
  • Come with different variant for different skin trouble


  • You need find online

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