[Review] Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara No 3

Because most of time i always have light hair color so i need to made my eyebrow light too. Usually i choice light brown pencil and if it doesnt enough to make my eyebrow lighter i use eye brow mascara

And this one is my favorite mascara when i have blond hair


Its from Dolly wink , eye brow mascara at first i use their pencil eyebrow and im dont want lie its so good , its very easy to use , easy to blend and very perfect when i was have light hair color

Well but is more priecely than etude , LMAO





Last time i check in store they have 3 or 4 different color not only lighter color they have deep brown color so fore you who have deep brown hair color or even dark hair you can still use this one

There many reason why i love this product ,  their brush is small so is take every hair i have on my eye brown even the small one . Come with perfect lighter color seriously find lighter eyebrow mascara is more harder than dark brown in market. There only few brand who have lighter eyebrow mascara. And last thing is long lasting




To make more perfect use their pencil eyebrow but if you feel to pricely just go with what your have.

Its maybe expensive like 2 times more expensive than tude but trust me is so good , one of my favorite eyebrow mascara. So bit price is not problem because quality is so nice


  • Long lasting
  • Come with small brush so can get every hair on your brow
  • Come with different light or deep brown color


  • Is bit hard to get there some store sell this product or you can find in online
  • Bit expensive than other asia eyebrow mascara

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This post 100% made with smile




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