[Review] Innisfree Mineral Shading No 8



Like normal asia girl , i dont have nice high nose either i need go to korea for changed , hope i have enough money for that because i know it will cost a lot of money. But meanwhile lets life with counturing.

Counturing my nose its must to do even for everyday but recently i starting like counturing my face too , i have typical chubby face so heyy come one counturing…

If come about my face counturing face i dont like heavy counturing i mroe like like light and look natural so i need find some light product for counturing my face nicely

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I watch pony video and she using this shading for counturing so i get my self , i bet she get in number 7 and mine in number 8 its more darker than number 7

Because i have more dark skin tone than her so i get number 8.

Actually i try find more darker than what i have now , but seems they dont have. I search online they only have 2 different color.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset


Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

And you know its super light….  for my skin tone its match light but still give slim effect but i dont thinking its work if you have more darker skin tone , this product wouldnt work for you

Texture even so light , its good for using everyday as daily makeup. But when come to even you need more stronger than this one. Its look very dark when i swatch but trust me when you use brush finish look is more light and smooth in same time

For packaging it self , it simple nice touching innisfree. I dont know wht should i  talk again about packaging because well its good but normal nothing special. Ah i forget mention price its good price its less 10 box.  You can get maybe around 8 or 9 box depedn where you bought. But trust me its not exfpesnive


  • Cheap
  • Long lasting
  • Light so you can use as daily


  • Its not good for you who have more dark skin tone than me
  • They dont have have a lot variant color




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