[Review] Deep Clean Foam Cleanser A’Pieu

Well i just know this face recently that A’pieu is little sister from Missha. I dont know what make Missha make new line make up , but well maybe they need new face for ther new cheap line

Yeah A’Pieu is very cheap from skin care to make up line they have low price. Its good for you who dont have enough money and still want learn make up. I suggest you trying from A’Pieu.

But still price cant lie

A’Pieu maybe its cheap but quality its not that good. Im not said A’pieu have bad quality its not like that , but there qaulity is average. Dont compare with like high  level

Recently i get my chance to trying their Foam Cleanser they do collab with a lot of cartoon these day and i get when they collab with Crayon Sinchan. Its bring memories back to be honest.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


They packing is nice with cryaon sinchan on its. Its cute.  Well i dont want deny all collab that A’Pieu do , all come with cute packaging. Make me cant deny to not bought all collection

That my problem

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


This cleanser claim they can clean your make up. Yeah its true , but still i need do double cleansing to remove all make up. You cant do with one time. There still reduce make up on your face

So i suggest do double cleansing. In that part i dont mind about that. Well because honestly i do like double cleansing my face just make sure all make up already gone.

This product have some smell , like clean soap. Some people maybe dont like product who have fragnance but for me i dont mind since smell i like.  Not forge to mention how cheap this product at least i bought this one around 10 box. Its cleap for cleansing foam

Texture foam it self i cant said its perfect , but its not bad either. just So so feeling for me

Down side that i dont like baout this one , maybe because its for remove your make up  , it tend to heavey for my skin. If i use just super simple make up and use this one as cleansing i feel its to heavy for my skin

And this one its not to for you have dry skin , because it tend to make my skin feel dry after i apply. I suggest you to use this product for you who have oily skin and like me combaine skin normal to oily. For normal to dry i dont suggest to use this product because its can make your skin feel more dry after use

Another note i tend to avoid using this product if i have simple make up or clean face it tend make my skin feel more dry heavy feeling. I more like use this product when i have heavy make up.




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