[Review] Innisfree Skinny Micocara Brown

One of problem asia girl is we dont have nice eyelash. Well its not all asia dont have eyelash but most of them. And well there a eyelid problem too and many problem  but lets talk about eyelash

Well if i can said id ont have good eyelash im lie , to be honest compare to my friend my eyelash its good , its lengh enough and curl. Its good enough thinking im asia girl. I like my eyelash to be honest but if you asking me how about my bottom eyelash im sad 😦

I barely dont have bottom eyelash , its invisible!

Compare to my up eyelash its like earth and heaven too different. So i cant use my normal mascara for my bottom eyelash , i need extra care for my bottom eyelash if i want to use mascara.

And glad i found this product

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Its skinny microcara from innisfree i have bunch of review about this product and almost all said this mascara its good for you who dont have enough eyelash

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I get in brown color cause i think brown mascara for bottom its more good than black , its look more natural

With this mascara i dont need ruin my make up look because its so small and caugh all my no eyelash. Its perfect for me. And result its amazing but let me take note for this product. This product if you use too much i mean a lot of cot its give volume to your eyelash but its give clumpy look which i dont like

If you find with just long and curly is enough for you use this product for 2 to 3 layer and you good enough , more than that. In my case its give my eyelash clumpy i dont like it

Ah another one i use this one for my upper eyelash and well its not working. Because my upper eyelash is long enough and curly so its doesnt give big effect. So i just use this one as my bottom eyelash.

So far this product its the only mascara that i use for my bottom eyelash. I trying to find other product who have small brush like this one , but still cant find which one i should trying. If you have good product for barely no eyelash like my bottom eyelash please comment bellow.

Some product that have goo quality for my bottom eyelash but of course reasonable price. I wait for your suggestion.

Ah last not least this product its not expensive i can said its cheap around 10 box . They come with two color black and brow so defenity check out! See you in next review!



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