[Review] Missha Perfect Concealer

Have you ever curious why you bought this product at first place?

Well i always thinking like that. When come to make up , i bough a lot that i think its really good at that time but after couple time i wonder at first place why i bought this product?

That thought always come and go when i thinking i bought wrong product. Or i feel that good break my heart into piece , okay that too much , i need to stop.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

And this product its one from many product that i wonder why i bought.

I have a couple good concealer that sit on my vanity , but still i cant stop my self bought concealer. But why i choice this one at first place? I wonder….

A reason why i wonder too much because this concealer its to light for my skin tone. And its bit hard to blend. You need as quick as possible blend after you put on your face or either it look like crack stick on your face.

But after couple time use and figure out this product , this one its not kidding. I love it. Even i put this one as my october favorite.

I use this one as my highlighter and its perfect good on me. I use around my eyebrow so make my eyebrow more clean look , more stronger i love the result when i put this concealer around my eyebrow. And i put this one on my nose its give nice touch highlighter

And somehow i manage to remember why i bought this one , because i read online this one as good concealer for you under eye , i already try. It stick well on there for longest time i can ever thinking. But it too light for my skin tone as concealer.

But formula its goof for your under eye concealer so i give strong advice for you who have lighter skin tone to me to try this one for under eye , i promise its perfect. But for you who have dark skin tone than me dont bought this one at least they have more deep color. But i search online they only have two or one color.

Texture its hard to blend at first but when you used its pretty easy. So you just need trick how to blend well and you will love this product. But for you who just start make up i never suggest you to bought this one.  But well its cheap so you can trying if you want.

So in the end i just have love hate relationship with this one. But when you used to know all thing how to blend how to use you will love this product






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