[Review] Argan Oil Conditioner Watsons

If you already stalk me for long long time , you know me that im really like changed my hair color . But maybe almost a year now i stop it and go to black so natural.

To be honest i feel not confident with my hair right now. I never like see my self with black hair color somehow i thinking its not me. But in other hand i cant see my hair became worse and worse.

So just give up dye hair and thinking for repair.

And thinking good thing for hair you cant forget argan oil there so many good thing in argant oil for help your hair getting more in good condition

So i been trying any kind of hair product include argan oil inside and these day i been trying this one from watson

Processed with VSCO with h5 preset

Compare to normal argan oil hair product this one i can said its cheap , its around 5 box. for this big bottle. So at first i bit scared about how real this product. I thinking its maybe not so real but not so fake becuase smell is totally like argan oil

Processed with VSCO with h5 presetProcessed with VSCO with h5 presetProcessed with VSCO with h5 preset


And i been trying this product , its does help my hair whenever i use , its feel my hair more softer and not shining after i use this product.

But that only for one day next day my hair come back to normal shape.

Well its hard to said do i like this product or no. Because it does help my hair became shine and smooth but not for long term , i think for long term i really need real argan oil. This work for temporary.

For you who wash hair everyday  maybe you can feel this one its good enough. And for you who have limit budget but need to help maintine your hair. You can go for this product. But if you have bad condition hair , very damaged and need long term repair this one its not good for you. Go for real argan oil or other product which more good and can help you hair for long term




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