Its Been 1 Year

I know time go so fast , but i never realize it will be this fast.

And yeah this past 1 years (almost) , there so many thing happen in my life from good thing to worse (not too soo) thing. I meet new people and said good bye to old people if that make sense.

One thing i realize im not younger any more. Of course! And what else? Ah… that kid face look its already gone from my visual changed to more mature , and stress look i guess. HAHA.

Im not laugh that often cause i tend to stress more often thinking what i been done so far for my life.

Even i said couple thing its changed but well its there couple thing that never changed in my life , from teenager till no im glad at least i still have this thing. Its my blog of course! I keep this blog when i wass ten till now im tweenty

To be honest im proud of my self i been doing blogging for such a long time. And yeah i want to admit my blog grow more and more , and i happy. Because i never know that i will in that level but well i hope hahaha.

At first i though i will give up bloging before it became like this , but so far i keep bloging , writing about review and stuff

I dont want deny there many thing in my blog , if you been stalk my blog for quit longest time you will know. Im stop blog about food again. Before i used to write about hot hang out place in my city but now not anymore


Simple. Because now my life its boring. HAHA. I just go to place i used to visit , tend to feel lazy and scared to visit new place.

Another changed its i stop talking about my life , even now i can said i writing my life. HAHA. Whats wrong with me. But yeah i tend to not write about my life anymore not like before.


Dont know. Maybe there nothing BAM happen to my life so i stop writing about my life? Not sure but hell yeah… im changed even on blog. Can you imagine how much i changed on my daily life. A TONS!

But believe me everything changed for good

Processed with VSCO with f1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f1 preset


Last sat night i hang out with my friend , and this all footage that i get. I just wanna share you cause i miss share about what happend in my life

So far its great

Because it almost go to 2017 , i hope next year i can share my life bit more to you guys. But i bet not so often like before but at least not so bad. Because i thing this year im so bad about update my life HAHAh

What im talking about now or writing…

Anyway , i just wanted to you guys know that i been well , my life maybe bit like roller coster not always in high , not always happy but someday when tears come , there smile come too


Processed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 presetProcessed with VSCO with c2 preset




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