About Fukidz and My Little World




Name : Fukidz (real name Natalia)

Birth Day : 1993.04.14

Interest : photographer . make up . hair do . fashion . culiner

Nationality : Indonesia

Email : myairos@ymail.com

Why my little world?

Because useless or no , this blog only share about me! Only me! So im said my self so selfish because this blog dedicated for me , and from me. I share my life , what i like , and some good and bad review

When you decide to made blog?

Ahahaha i dont know when exactly i started , because i ever have blog when im junior high school but its not working , and i hope this want working as long as i ever do!

You said your self selfish , its real you selfish in real life?

No! Of course no , im not selfish in real life. Im such good have a good tolerance. Reason why im said im selfish because i just want to be selfish sometimes , without hurt people i like. And maybe in blog i can be more selfish than real life

What you occupation now?

Im freelance as make up artist right now

5 Years from now what do you think about your life?

My blog going so much better! If come to my personal life , hmm i bet i will became a person who more like human feel more hurt , loving , etc.

You really like korea huh?

Yeah im super like korea showbiz , korea drama , korea city! Ahaha
Someday i can working and staying there…


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